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Woven Labels

We are known for providing our clients with high quality woven clothing labels at very reasonable prices. Woven labels build brand confidence, as they provide valuable information about the product like what type of fabric you are dealing with and how to properly use and wash them.

High standards, design clarity, textures, and colour satisfaction hold utmost importance to us and we provide woven labels to all our garment businesses keeping in mind these parameters only because they might be the first thing that your targeted audience will notice.

Custom Printed Labels

We are known for providing the finest quality, hassle-free printed labels of all shapes, colours, and sizes to our customers at cost-effective prices.

With over years of experience in the industry, we have been servicing the needs and demands of digital printing customers. 

Printed labels are used to achieve excellent details on custom complex designs yet remain soft and agile.

Custom Printed Cotton Labels

We at Arivant Labels, offer customized printed products for clothing, garment businesses or personal use for every budget, style, and occasion. We are highly motivated to help every business to get more attention by working on their demands round the clock. Our cotton printed labels are soft, washable and hold printing extremely well which is ideal for the garment industry that calls for a soft feel and looks.

Wash Care Labels

Wash care labels give you special guidance to help you keep your garments safe and retain their shine.

We provide top-quality wash care labels at reasonable prices.

Size Labels

The size labels play a very important role as a point of sale display in the market shelves.

Our quality size labels help the brand to market their product and thus allowing customers to know about the product and give necessary information including ingredients, instructions and use.

Our size labels are of the finest quality for the garment industry. We strive to keep ourselves updated with the changing needs and requirements of our customers.

Custom Woven Ribbons

At Arivant Labels, you can find a large collection and selection of several types of woven ribbons in the natural fibres’ including cotton, silk, wool, etc which are now available in different widths and colours.

Our collection of ribbons is always in sync with the latest trends and hence they are super stylish and unique. They will not just enhance arrangements but would do much more.

Custom Printed Ribbons

Our high-quality printed ribbons are used for garment packaging or set packaging. They are the printed brands of satin or taffeta ribbons. Explore and enjoy our wide range of products and services at affordable prices, customized as per your need.

Custom Woven Badges

At Arivant Labels, we are committed to offering high quality woven badges for garments and clothing which are made using different threads together at unbeatable prices. 

We believe in helping our clients and assuring them that their woven badges are made with the supreme quality and services that they deserve.

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